THE GUIDED INTUITIVE (TGI) is a YouTube channel by YouTuber, Michelle Berns. This channel offers monthly, intuitive card reads, including Life and Business Strategy coaching. It was this aforementioned YouTube channel that inspired Michelle to create the online store of fashion and homes elements that speak to the soul, THE INTUITIVE HOUSE, to store all the products under one roof that are asked about by subscribers on the channel.      

More services offered by the THE GUIDED INTUITIVE (TGI) website are listed below for your information. TGI provides the following under Schedule Your Session:  

  • One-to-One Coaching: Intuitive LIfe and Business Coaching
  • Group Coaching: Strategic Life and Business
  • Rapid Change Therapy Session-Rid of Limiting Beliefs & Negative Emotions 
  • Private Intuitive Spritual Reads
  • Private Wisdom Oracle Reads
  • Gifts Certificates for Reads or Coaching   
  • Speaking Engagements Topics:
    • Connecting To Your Intuition
    • The Science of Intuition