Gratitude Candle
Gratitude Candle
Gratitude Candle
Gratitude Candle

Gratitude Candle

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Gratitude Cultivating Candle  

You know that feeling you get when you treat yourself to some very special care and you feel incredibly grateful for the experience. Well, this candle helps take you right there. 

Using the phases of the moon to cultivate gratitude can help light-up your intentions while the candle can infuse your senses with relaxing lavender as you envision yourself at your favorite spa or retreat. There are also psychological benefits when practicing gratitude as it can help to relieve stress and energetically invite more abundance and blessings into your life. 

A Spa-like Getaway for the Senses with Waves of Lavender  

  • vegan, eco-friendly, 9 oz. candle
  • free of any paraffin, phthalates, petroleum & dyes
  • a creamy coconut wax for a slow, luxurious burn
  • hand-poured with love in small batches
  • the candle has a twist-top lid to make it easier to tote when traveling 
You will also receive:
  • 25 blank, mini-gratitude-cards (in a mini, silver-star bag) for you to personalize and cultivate gratitude 
  • mini-cardholder-stand to display your current gratitude manifestation/s 
  • one TGI hand-picked, mini pocket crystal to jumpstart your gratitude cultivating
  • a woven, drawstring bag to store all the items for your candle (great to use when traveling!)
  • All readily-gift-wrapped just for you (or in case you want to gift to another!) 

Get ready to cultivate more gratitude and invite more abundance into your life...